Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 27 - Long Weekends

You really can't beat a four-day weekend, can you? I love long weekends because it actually seems like we can balance fun and relaxation with productivity and our to-do lists. Today I am particularly thankful for the productivity part.

We always seem to have lots of projects going on around our house - current ones include Christmas decorating and backyard landscaping all while maneuvering a very curious and 'helpful' two-year old. We also tend to have to juggle our projects with the myriad of sporting events every weekend (although right now we are on a bit of a hiatus - and I'm relishing that). This seems to extend the length of time that projects take at our house. But when you throw in a long weekend so much gets accomplished and that's a wonderful feeling.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our long weekend together as a family having fun while being productive and I can't wait for the next one (whenever that may be). And hey, we haven't even get tired of each other yet and that's always a plus!

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