Thursday, October 1, 2015

31 Days of Not Overthinking It

Fact #1 – Once upon a time I was a fairly spontaneous, try new things, throw caution to the wind, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of gal.

Fact #2 – Somewhere along the way to my forty-**cough-cough**-something birthday (which is this month), I acquired the habit of ‘over-thinking.’

What fabulous opportunities have I missed out on – or at least delayed - as a result of over-thinking (sometimes known as self-doubt)? What friendships or experiences have passed me by because I was too busy wondering should I, should I not?

I’ve spent countless hours over-analyzing a blog post only to decide, after all that, to delete it (hence the somewhat very sporadic postings).  Not to mention things of actual importance that I have successfully talked myself out of doing or trying because I thought about it too much.

Well, no more. It’s time to give my feeble brain a rest. Maybe it’s time to give my heart and soul a chance to run the show for a while.

For the next 30 days I’m challenging myself to sit down with a cup of extremely dark-roasted coffee and write. Will I write about over thinking every day? No, but I will write without over thinking.

Who knows, maybe I’ll re-emerge with a little of the spunk that used to get me into trouble. But hey, since I’m forty-something, aren’t I allowed a little more grace? :-)

(And in the spirit of full disclosure, some very minor over thinking may have gone into the writing and publication of this blog post. But I promise no more.)

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  1. Yes, just let those posts fly!

    Popped by from 31 days.