Monday, February 14, 2011

My Funny Valentine(s)

Happy Valentine's Day!

My Valentines
Not Pictured - My Original Valentine (he had to go to work before the pancakes were done)
 As a mom to only boys for the majority of my parenting life, Valentine's Day has always been somewhat of a challenge. I want to make the day special but without unnecessary additions of 'stuff' (i.e., cute stuffed animals that eventually migrate to the attic - especially since I went through nine gigantic garbage bags of them last night dividing by keep and donate). And now that the princess is aware that Valentine's Day is a 'holiday', I didn't want to fall into that habit with her.

Well, it seems I hit the jackpot - FOOD! We started the day with homemade heart-shaped pancakes...

and then finished it with heart-shaped sugar cookie pops.

And just in case you thought I was creative enough to think of this on my own, I wasn't. I got the idea here.
 Ymmmmmmm! (And yes, with two adolescent boys, I should know that food is always the answer.)

That was about all we had time for today - considering I think today should have been call Spring Sports Opening Day instead of Valentine's Day. The race is on between now and Memorial Day - baseball, lacrosse, soccer, repeat. But we wouldn't have it any other way. (And the princess is excited because now it means hours of guaranteed playground time.)

And in case you think I've forgotten about my Original Funny Valentine, don't worry! He's still my one and only and I wouldn't want to do life - with all its crazies - without him by my side.

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