Sunday, December 5, 2010

Taking of the Annual Christmas Photo

I always have the best intentions and grandest ideas when it comes to the yearly Christmas photo. But December always seems to sneak up on me and I'm left scrambling in order to get a photo taken in time to be printed and inserted into Christmas cards so they get mailed before New Year. And of course, this year was no different.

I tried to pick a time when everyone would already be decked out in somewhat decent, Christmas-y attire. This way there would be less complaining about having to get 'dressed up' (relatively speaking) for nothing. It was also important to pick a time when the princess was in a good mood. So I chose after nap time today right before we headed out the door to see our church's annual Christmas program. In theory it was perfect timing. Let's see how it went.

Me: "Stand over there and let me take your picture."
Mia: "I want to see the baby."
Me: "In a minute, now stand there. Well, okay, you can kneel like your brothers."
Oh look - what's on Brandon's knee?
Oh not, what's that thing in the corner? Brandon, where are your shoes? Let's try this one more time.
OK guys, she's trying to escape. Hold on to her.
You didn't hold on to her.
Don't you want to have your picture taken any more?
Are we not done yet?

And the winner is:
Merry Christmas!

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