Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Yay - it's finally here... first box of vegetables from a local produce delivery service. I'm so excited - no, really, I am! Look at all the delicious goodies:
...squash, blueberries, white new potatoes, endive, cilantro, dill, asparagus, broccoli and turnips.

Over the last few months, we - as a family - have been trying to eat healthier and more 'real' by eliminating as many chemicals and unnatural substances as we can. Now that doesn't mean we don't partake in an occasional processed food item, but we are trying to be more conscientious of what goes in our mouth. This may seem like the fairly common sense thing to do - but let me tell you it wasn't easy getting everyone to agree to this (especially Tim - who's diet consisted of an array of Little Debbie snack cakes, frozen dinners and other junk).

But after reading the book In Defense of Food he came around. This made it much easier to persuade my somewhat reticent children. I can't say that they're completely thrilled with the idea, but they are slowly getting used to trying new things and giving up a few of their dietary staples that didn't quite cut the mustard. They are also learning that eating healthy/whole doesn't mean they're on a diet. We still have sweets and desserts but they are more often than not homemade with whole wheat flour and real ingredients as opposed to out of a box. They actually like this part of it a lot!

Our eating habits are still far from perfect (and I can tell you they probably never will be), but we are learning, trying new things and continuing to make small changes along the way - which is why we signed up for the Produce Box. I'll let you know how it goes.

Oh, and by the way - does anyone know how to fix turnips?

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