Friday, November 30, 2012

Simple Changes = No Meltdown

Normally I would have spent the last week knee deep in boxes of red and green attempting to finish the decorating that began over Thanksgiving but didn't reach completion before life resumed on Monday.

Then I would have stressed to no end that said boxes were in the way and would have added 'finish decorating' to my already lengthy to-do list.

All this during one of the busiest weeks of the Christmas season for our family since three out of five of us are involved in our church's Christmas program. So in addition to our regularly scheduled weekly activities, we added a performance at a local retirement home, technical and dress rehearsals, all ending with the actual performances on Saturday and Sunday.

At some point during the week there would have been a nuclear meltdown I'm certain.

But not this year. This year I made a little pact with myself. No decorating (or related activities) until after this week was over. And while it pained me to spend Thanksgiving weekend doing laundry and cleaning in prep for the busy week (especially while everyone else around us was decking their halls), I'm very glad I did it.

This week has gone relatively smoothly - despite the fact that I was on the pediatrician's doorstep Monday morning because Princess Mia had strep throat. (That would have definitely precipitated a meltdown under the previous philosophy.) I've managed to keep my student on task, to keep my family fed, and even completed quite a few unfinished projects (several I started many months ago). I told Tim that I felt like I was nesting even though I wasn't pregnant!

Anyway, as this busy week comes to a close I hope to keep some of the perspective I've gained and truly be able to focus on and enjoy the season of celebrating our Savior's birth.

Yes, we will still decorate. And yes, there will still be lots of hustle and bustle. But perhaps I've learned that a little prioritization goes a long way.

If you're local, please consider coming out to one of our performances on Saturday or Sunday. You will truly be blessed.

Also in keeping with the idea of simplifying, check out one of my real-life friend's blog, Running Monologue, and sign up for her Small Gifts Advent Calendar. Each day from Dec. 2 to Christmas she'll send you a cute e-mail with a little holiday inspiration and fun activity. Take some time to create special memories with your family as you celebrate God's amazing gift to us, His Son Jesus.

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