Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Must Be In a Time Warp...

because it is hard to believe that today was Joshua's last day of elementary school - and mine too (at least for a few more years). He can't possibly be moving on to 6th grade and the vast expanse that is middle school. Where have the last six years gone? What happened to my cute little boys?
 Joshua's first day of kindergarten.

Well, those cute little boys have turned into very handsome young men. (They would be mortified if they knew I put that in writing on this blog - but oh well, I have a parental obligation to embarrass them at least a little bit, don't I?)
Joshua's last day of 5th grade.

Bus stop buddies - Jake, Jack and Joshua

No longer will I ever be able to get this close to the bus again - at least not without getting a lethal glare.

I'm very happy that school is out for the summer but quite sad that I no longer have little boys who want to fill their days with Lincoln Logs and Matchbox cars. Fortunately they're still OK with spending the summer hanging out with me - and I plan to treasure that while it lasts. Oh, I know they must grow up - and I am looking forward to following them - and guiding them - along the next leg of their journey. I couldn't ask to be a mom of two better boys.

And then there's always this cute little thing to remind me that not all of my babies are grown up yet!

And now that I'm done being nostalgic, it's time to let the summertime fun begin and go make some new memories!

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